Clusterix 2.0

Clusterix 2.0 is an interactive web-based application to calculate the grouping probability of a list of objects using proper motions and the non parametric method in the approach described in Balaguer-Nuñez et al (2020). It also allows the possibility of gathering physical parameters (parallaxes, radial velocities, proper motions,...) from Vizier and estimating effective temperatures, surface gravities and metallicities using VOSA.
An step-by-step example on how to use Clusterix can be found here
NOTE: When working with Clusterix, it is recommendable to open a private window to avoid caching problems.

Step 1/3: Information gathering (coordinates and physical parameters)

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The RUWE (Renormalised Unit Weight Error) parameter is described here
and in Fabricius et al. (2020)
and Lindegren et al. (2020)

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ID is the merge of the Data source reference and the star number: Ref_Star

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